Ambassador William B Millam is a senior US Diplomat and specialist in South Asia and West Africa.

Right to Freedom is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status based in Washington DC, USA.

The purposes of the Organization are to sensitize public about democracy, human rights, freedom of press, and freedom of speech; examine how genuine democracy can develop in various parts of the world and how the United States can support that process; and advocate for the democracy and human rights around the world and create awareness amongst various government and public entities of the United State of America. Main objectives of the Organization are to:

To be part of our journey in pursuit of better democracy and fighting for human rights, you can join us and contribute in whatever ways possible for you. You can write for us, share ideas with us, share our content to your friends and acquaintances or support our cause by donations.
You can reach out to us at –  ed@rtof.org

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