Sri Lanka’s Panopticon: Closing the Political Space for Economic Stability

Sri Lanka’s Panopticon: Closing the Political Space for Economic Stability A report titled Mass Graves and Failed Exhumations in Sri Lanka authored by the Centre for […]

Bangladesh Ranks Below War-torn Afghanistan in Press Freedom

Washington, DC – Decades ago, Bangladesh was crowned the “Emerging Tiger of Asia.” It was supposed to go very far. Unfortunately, now the country is facing the […]

Dhaka’s abstention in Ukraine vote is an anomaly

Bangladesh’s abstention in the vote on the Ukraine crisis at the United Nations’ emergency special session on March 3, 2022 deserves much more scrutiny than it […]

BANGLADESH: In pursuit of a one-party state?

Ali Riaz With democratic backsliding unfolding in an incremental manner in Bangladesh for years, concerns have been expressed since 2016 whether the country will descend into […]

Human Tragedy And Political Failure In Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina is suddenly confronted with a moral dilemma for which her authoritarian political system is unprepared William B Milam Courtesy: Friday Times Among our important […]

Bangladesh’s democracy erodes amid tilt to China

25 January 2022Author: Ali Riaz, Illinois State University Bangladesh remained firmly under the grip of the incumbent Bangladesh Awami League in 2021. The ruling party faced […]

Human Rights Sanctions On Bangladesh —A Prediction Or A Warning?

For the US, the question is how to be aggressive enough to keep some democratic alleys open for the future. William B Milam Curtesy: FridayTimes As […]

Bangladesh: 86 Victims of Enforced Disappearance Still Missing

UN Should Ban Death Squad from Peacekeeping Missions (Geneva) – United Nations human rights experts should lead an independent international investigation into enforced disappearances by security forces in Bangladesh, […]

India’s citizenship changes are immoral and self-defeating

Making it harder for Muslims to become citizens risks global backlash The reelection of Narendra Modi as Indian Prime Minister in May 2019 with a larger […]