The purposes of the Organization are to sensitize public about democracy, human rights, freedom of press, and freedom of speech; examine how genuine democracy can develop in various parts of the world and how the United States can support that process; and advocate for the democracy and human rights around the world and create awareness amongst various government and public entities of the United State of America. Main objectives of the Organization are to: 

a. Create awareness among people of the and meaning of democracy, their rights and ways to peacefully exercise these rights; means to participate in communities; becoming full and active members of society; cultivate the habit and values of democracy and human rights in everyday life and activities; protect and promote the freedom of press and freedom of speech; and  resolving conflicts through peaceful means,

b. conduct research and prepare and distribute publications,

c. hold public forums, seminars, and lectures,

d. collaborate with individuals, organizations, entities and educational institutions to advocate human rights and civil liberties issues,

e. create a platform that can provide voice to the victims of the human rights violations,

f. join hands and collaborate with other organization with similar goals and objectives,

g. engage in all other lawful activities that promote the purposes and objectives of the Organization.

The Organization shall achieve its above stated goals through Seminars, Research, Publications, and other lawful means. 

1) Seminars:

The Organization intends to conduct and sponsor educational and cultural seminars in different parts of the United States. These seminars will be designed to educate people about the democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, freedom of press and other related topics. This activity will be organized and managed by the staff of the Organization and by its volunteers. The Organization is expected to engage in this activity towards the beginning of 2019. The Organization shall spend 40% of time for this activity.

2) Research:

The Organization plans to conduct research and collect empirical data on state of human rights, freedom of press, and freedom of speech around the world.

Independent volunteer researchers will conduct this research and engage in data gathering activities. The main reason is to streamline and focus the operations of the Organization on its stated mission. The results and products emanating from the research projects will be made available to the general public and other relevant organizations through the website, booklets, newsletters and other printed material. 

A fee calculated to cover the direct costs of reproducing such research material may be charged to the recipients of the results. This phase of activity by the Organization will start in 2020. No organization or individual will have preference either as to the results or the time of release of such results. Any intellectual property rights resulting from Organization’s research will be titled in the name of the Organization. The Organization shall spend about 30% of time on this activity.

3) Publications: 

Organization plans to publish printed materials related to its above mentioned objectives. In this regard services and research of qualified independent scholars and experts will be utilized. These publications will be distributed, without any preference or discrimination, to various public and private libraries and other educational institutions for a nominal charge to cover its direct costs of reproduction. Any intellectual property rights resulting from these publications will be titled in the name of the Organization. Publications will be distributed once a year. No dates have been set for this activity yet. The Organization shall spend 30% of time for this activity.