Statement by Right to Freedom on Bangladesh’s Elections

Jan 09, 2024

The fears which we expressed in our December 29 statement on Bangladesh’s Elections have now come to pass. As already noted by the United States, United Kingdom and others, Bangladesh’s January 7 elections can be considered neither free nor fair. More importantly, this election does not reflect the aspirations of the country’s citizens, the majority of whom chose to stay home, despite claims to the contrary by Bangladesh’s Election Commission.

These non-participatory elections will not resolve Bangladesh’s ongoing political crisis. With this in mind, we call for a fresh election under a neutral government and appeal to the countries which see this election as ‘not free’ to do the same. In the absence of such action, we call upon these governments to withhold diplomatic and material support to the regime.

For our part, Right to Freedom will remain committed to continuing our work to support the democratic aspiration of the people of Bangladesh while providing a platform to independent voices to hold those who violate these rights.

Ambassador (ret’d) William B. Milam

President, Right to Freedom