Right to Freedom is a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status based in Washington DC, USA.

The purposes of the Organization are to sensitize public about democracy, human rights, freedom of press, and freedom of speech; examine how genuine democracy can develop in various parts of the world and how the United States can support that process; and advocate for the democracy and human rights around the world and create awareness amongst various government and public entities of the United State of America. Main objectives of the Organization are to:

a. Create awareness among people of the and meaning of democracy, their rights and ways to peacefully exercise these rights; means to participate in communities; becoming full and active members of society; cultivate the habit and values of democracy and human rights in everyday life and activities; protect and promote the freedom of press and freedom of speech; and resolving conflicts through peaceful means,
b. conduct research and prepare and distribute publications,
c. hold public forums, seminars, and lectures,
d. collaborate with individuals, organizations, entities and educational institutions to advocate human rights and civil liberties issues,
e. create a platform that can provide voice to the victims of the human rights violations,
f. join hands and collaborate with other organization with similar goals and objectives,
g. engage in all other lawful activities that promote the purposes and objectives of the Organization.

The Organization shall achieve its above stated goals through Seminars, Research, Publications, and other lawful means.