Bangladesh Opposition Fears Election Commission Law Favors Ruling Party

Ahammad FoyezCourtesy: Benar News- A bill passed by Bangladesh’s parliament on Thursday institutionalizes election-management practices that favor the incumbent government, setting the stage for the Awami […]

Bangladesh one-party local elections turn deadly

Overall Death Toll in Union Council Polls Tops 100 Ahammad FoyezCourtesy: Benar News- The death toll from violence around Union Council elections in Bangladesh surpassed 100 […]

Journalists covering elections in Dhaka, Bangladesh attacked, harassed by Awami League activists

At least 15 journalists were beaten, threatened, denied access to polling stations, or had equipment broken or taken while covering the mayoral and ward councilor vote, […]

What’s next for democracy in Bangladesh after the tainted election?

In Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League party has won the elections with a 96 percent majority in the 300-member national parliament. While some say that kind […]

Election was stolen, government is illegitimate: William B. Milam

About December 30 parliamentary election of Bangladesh Ambassador William B. Milam, Senior Scholar at the Wilson Center, said the real truth is that the election was […]

US on tougher stance for fair elections in Bangladesh.

Special Correspondent from Boston, Nov 12 (Just News): “The US is taking a tougher stance on Bangladesh elections this time. As I have heard from concern […]

Bangladesh’s devastating election 2018

Goyeshwar Chandra Roy is one of the top leaders of Bangladesh’s leading opposition party, iconic figure from the minority community of the country where only a […]

Why credible election is a must for Bangladesh

On February 8; Bangladesh’s former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia was sent to jail being convicted in a graft case. The Dhaka court has awarded the […]