The United States on Tuesday said they are concerned that election-day irregularities prevented some people from voting, which undermined faith in the electoral process.

“We strongly encourage all parties to refrain from violence and request the Election Commission work constructively with all sides to address claims of irregularities,” said Robert Palladino, Deputy Spokesperson at US Department of State in a statement on Bangladesh election.

“In this light, we note with concern credible reports of harassment, intimidation, and violence in the pre-election period that made it difficult for many opposition candidates and their supporters to meet, hold rallies, and campaign freely,” said the Deputy Spokesperson.

“The United States remains deeply invested in the future of Bangladesh and its democratic development,” said Robert Palladino.

“Bangladesh’s impressive record of economic development and respect for democracy and human rights are mutually reinforcing, and we look forward to continue working with the ruling government and opposition towards advancing these interrelated goals,” the statement read.

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