Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz has discussed the 2018 Bangladeshi election and its implications for the future of country’s politics at a roundtable held at the Stanford University.

Professors and students in classroom discussion

Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz at the roundtable.

The roundtable – Reflections on Elections in South Asia – was organized by the South Asia Center and Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research Center on 18 April. This round-table was attended by Professors Robert Crews (Stanford University), Maya Tudor (University of Oxford; CASBS Fellow), Saum Jha (Stanford University), and Ali Riaz (Illinois State University).

Recent elections, popular participation, and political regimes in the cases of Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and India were discussed was moderated by Professor Saad Gulzar (Stanford University).

Riaz in his presentation discussed deficiencies of the 2018 Bangladeshi election and argued that this election demonstrates that Bangladesh bears the marks of a hybrid regime. The experience of Bangladesh also contributes to the understanding of the trajectories of any hybrid regime, Riaz contends.

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