Riaz presents at Stanford University

Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz has discussed the 2018 Bangladeshi election and its implications for the future of country’s politics at a roundtable held at the Stanford University. Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz at the roundtable. The roundtable – Reflections on Elections in South Asia – was organized by the South Asia Center and Walter H. Shorenstein Asia-Pacific Research […]

Riaz writes on Democratic backsliding

Democratic backsliding, although a global phenomenon, takes place within a country and over a period of time. There are three stages in the process of backsliding of democracy, which take place in various orders, writes Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz in a commentary titled ‘How Democracy Backslides’. Underscoring the global decline of democracy for past 13 years, […]

Ali Riaz’s new book examines elections in hybrid regimes

Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz has published a book on elections in hybrid regimes. The book, titled Voting in a Hybrid Regime: Explaining the 2018 Bangladeshi Election examines the mechanism of election manipulation in apparently democratic—but essentially authoritarian—systems called the hybrid regimes. Using the 2018 Bangladeshi parliamentary election as an example Riaz argues that leaders of the hybrid […]

Bangladesh’s devastating election 2018

Goyeshwar Chandra Roy is one of the top leaders of Bangladesh’s leading opposition party, iconic figure from the minority community of the country where only a few of them could lead up to top positions. Mr. Goyesshor was taking part in his electoral campaign. Out of the blue; ruling party thugs attacked him and his supporters. One […]

International groups move UN to protect..

International groups move UN to protect freedom of expression in Bangladesh A number of international groups working on press freedom and freedom of expression today urged urgent and concrete steps by the United Nations (UN) to reverse the deteriorating climate for free expression in Bangladesh. The groups including the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) made a joint submission […]

Why credible election is a must for Bangladesh

On February 8; Bangladesh’s former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia was sent to jail being convicted in a graft case. The Dhaka court has awarded the 73-year-old BNP party Chairperson a 5-year imprisonment for a mishandling of $250,000 of an orphanage Trust. The country’s incumbent Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sounds presumptuously victorious asking ‘where is she (Khaleda) […]