Bangladesh’s Awami League-led government doubled down on an authoritarian crackdown: HRW

Bangladesh’s Awami League-led government doubled down on an authoritarian crackdown on free speech, arresting critics, and censoring media. Arrests under the abusive Digital Security Act (DSA) […]

The U.S. Has a Police Brutality Problem. So Does Bangladesh.

Dhaka’s denial of extrajudicial killings is imperiling its relations with Washington and exposing the country’s corrupt police and undemocratic institutions. Nazmul Ahasan, a Bangladeshi journalist currently […]

How Bangladesh’s Digital Security Act Is Creating a Culture of Fear

The Bangladeshi government has used a vaguely worded law on digital security to crack down on its critics and dispel online dissent. Author and social activist […]

Scars Of Torture All Over Him

Cartoonist Kishore describes his ordeal to The Daily Star hours after getting out on bail “If you come close to me you will smell the pus.” […]

AL consolidated power through sustained harassment of opposition: Report

The ruling Awami League (AL) has consolidated political power through sustained harassment of the opposition and those perceived to be allied with it, as well as […]

India-Bangladesh Relations

Bangladesh-India relationship has always been an issue of intense discussions and debate among academics, policy makers and activists. Both governments claim that these two countries are […]

Gambian minister brought Myanmar to The Hague ‘in the name of humanity’

Gambia’s Justice Minister Abubacarr Tambadou speaks on the first day of hearings in a case against Myanmar alleging genocide against the minority Muslim Rohingya population at […]

Bangladesh Papering Over The Cracks At Home And Abroad – OpEd

In a recent interview with DW, Bangladeshi Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen asserted that Dhaka’s objective is to “get along with everybody”. Despite the ongoing saga surrounding Rohingya […]

The road to impeachment is paved with potholes

Well the riveting TV drama is over, at least for a while. In two weeks of public, televised hearings, which I understand drew large audiences, we […]