Human Rights Sanctions On Bangladesh —A Prediction Or A Warning?

For the US, the question is how to be aggressive enough to keep some democratic alleys open for the future. William B Milam Curtesy: FridayTimes As […]

How Bangladesh’s Digital Security Act Is Creating a Culture of Fear

The Bangladeshi government has used a vaguely worded law on digital security to crack down on its critics and dispel online dissent. Author and social activist […]

US Treasury Sanctions Perpetrators of Serious Human Rights Abuse

WASHINGTON — Today (December 10, 2021), on International Human Rights Day, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is designating 15 […]

What’s Next for Bangladeshi Politics?

Since July 2022, Bangladeshi opposition parties, especially the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), have been holding rallies throughout the country. Though Bangladesh has experienced political volatility and regular general strikes […]

Bangladesh Ranks Below War-torn Afghanistan in Press Freedom

Washington, DC – Decades ago, Bangladesh was crowned the “Emerging Tiger of Asia.” It was supposed to go very far. Unfortunately, now the country is facing the […]

Dhaka’s abstention in Ukraine vote is an anomaly

Bangladesh’s abstention in the vote on the Ukraine crisis at the United Nations’ emergency special session on March 3, 2022 deserves much more scrutiny than it […]

How a coordinated misinformation campaign unfolded

Qadaruddin Shishir, A fact checker based in Bangladesh. Courtesy: New Age, https://www.newagebd.net/article/162773/how-a-coordinated-misinformation-campaign-unfolded ON FEBRUARY 1, 2022, Bangladeshis were greeted with ‘good news’ that the United States […]

Whereabouts unknown: Bangladesh’s 86 disappeared men

Half of disappearances involve opposition-linked men, with sanctioned Rapid Action Battalion identified as responsible for over third of pick-ups. Netra News February 3, 2022 Half of […]

BANGLADESH: In pursuit of a one-party state?

Ali Riaz With democratic backsliding unfolding in an incremental manner in Bangladesh for years, concerns have been expressed since 2016 whether the country will descend into […]

Bangladesh Opposition Fears Election Commission Law Favors Ruling Party

Ahammad FoyezCourtesy: Benar News-https://www.benarnews.org/english/news/bengali/election-commission-01272022153823.html A bill passed by Bangladesh’s parliament on Thursday institutionalizes election-management practices that favor the incumbent government, setting the stage for the Awami […]

Bangladesh one-party local elections turn deadly

Overall Death Toll in Union Council Polls Tops 100 Ahammad FoyezCourtesy: Benar News-https://www.benarnews.org/english/news/bengali/bangladesh-union-council-poll-violence-01052022152313.html The death toll from violence around Union Council elections in Bangladesh surpassed 100 […]

World closely monitoring Bangladesh govt’s actions

A total of 15 press freedom and human rights organizations, including the Committee to Protect Journalists, have said that the Bangladesh government should be aware that […]