Human Tragedy And Political Failure In Bangladesh

Sheikh Hasina is suddenly confronted with a moral dilemma for which her authoritarian political system is unprepared William B Milam Courtesy: Friday Times Among our important […]

Human Rights Sanctions On Bangladesh —A Prediction Or A Warning?

For the US, the question is how to be aggressive enough to keep some democratic alleys open for the future. William B Milam Curtesy: FridayTimes As […]


Just when I thought I had witnessed the ultimate in political hypocrisy at the end of Donald Trump’s historic and depressing impeachment trial, Sheikh Hasina – […]

Lives Or Livelihoods: Evidence From The Spanish Flu

The past is never dead. It’s not even past,” wrote William Faulkner. I think of this line as I continue to study the last great influenza […]

No one will ever be free as long as there are pestilences

So wrote Albert Camus in his great novel, The Plague, and so we are learning its truth as we cower in our shelters from the Coronavirus, spreading […]

As the Afghan peace process gets underway, reality eclipses magic

Two weeks ago, as we awaited the signing of the US-Taliban Agreement which intends to ignite a peace process in Afghanistan, I wrote of the magic […]

Magical Realism in American Foreign Policy

This theme struck me when I attended last week a discussion among three highly respected experts at a Washington think tank of the much-hyped agreement between […]

Will the Democrats follow British Labour down the revolutionary rat hole?

It would seem rational for the Democratic Party in the United States to look carefully at the political dynamics as well as the outcome of the […]

A bang and a whimper by William Milam

I was disconnected, electronically and, to some extent psychologically, from current events during December. I have now reconnected, and being so has its downsides. As I […]